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The product AndreaDHA plus

How does AndreaDHA plus work?

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a vital polyunsaturated fatty acid that is an important building-block of cells, in particular of the brain and nerve cells and those in the retina of the eyes.
The taking of AndreaDHA plus by the mother supports brain and eye development in the foetus and nursing baby.

Why does the mother also need additional nutrients during pregnancy?

As part of our modern diet, we often prefer calorie-reduced, low-fat foods. Vitamin D und vitamin K are fat-soluble vitamins and come from fatty foods such as oils, milk, butter, eggs, nuts, fish and meat.
During pregnancy and lactation, calcium is drawn from the mother for the bone formation of the unborn, i.e. that after this time in her life, the mother has less calcium in her own bones. It is therefore especially important for pregnant women to take in a sufficient amount of vitamin D3 and K2. Vitamin D3 promotes the uptake of calcium from food and drinking water, of which there is plenty available there. Vitamin K2 controls the integration of calcium into the teeth and bones.

How often is AndreaDHA plus used?

Take 1 capsule daily with lots of fluids. Since the ingredients are fat-soluble, it would be beneficial to take the capsules with foods containing fat (such as a salad dressing containing oil). This would ensure optimal ingestion by the body.

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