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The private parts of man and woman

Well-protected and cared-for intimate areas increase quality of life and are of particular importance to women

Genital area of women

A woman’s intimate area consists of the outer, large and the inner, smaller labia, the clitoris, the vulvar and the vaginal opening as well as the perineum and anus. The vaginal opening is very sensitive since there are many nerve cells located in that area. Most often, women experience ailments at the vaginal opening, in particular.

Genital area of men

A man’s intimate area consists of the penis with glans and testicles as well as the anus. The skin around the glans is very delicate and sensitive. Germs can easily accumulate under the foreskin and there, increase in numbers.

Dryness, burning and itching

Experiencing dryness, a burning or itching sensation in the intimate area, does not necessarily mean that you are suffering from an infection.

Possible causes of a damaged intimate skin area can include:

Chemical influence:

Exaggerated intimate care and frequently washing the intimate area with alkaline soap, not completely washing off the soap, using intimate sprays, shaving the genital area using shaving cream, using a sauna or riding a bike often, etc.

Mechanical influence:

Riding a bike or horse, shaving the genital area, wearing tight-fitting clothes, thongs and synthetic fibres, pantyliners, intercourse, sweating, etc.


Our skin and mucous membranes change with age. The decrease of oestrogen in women causes the skin of the intimate area to become thinner and drier. It is therefore more sensitive and less protected against outside influences.

Urinary incontinence:

Moisture and urea can irritate the skin, thus leading to pain.

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