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Tips for your intimate hygiene

Protect yourself against infections and unpleasant phenomena

Wash the intimate area daily only with warm water, or mild cleansers, which must be washed thoroughly - Attention! Water dries out the skin, which can cause itching and burning. The more calcareous the water, the greater the dehydrating effect, so you should always ...

... greasing! Ideally with an anhydrous care ointments for the genital area. AndreaCare consists mainly of substances in which no growth of bacteria and fungi is possible. This is an important point for intimate hygiene. An anhydrous care ointment does not require emulsifiers or preservatives. This ensures a very good skin compatibility.

Avoid intimate sprays, intimate deos and vaginal irrigation.

Wear cotton briefs - not synthetic fiber underwear, as they will create a moist, warm climate that can promote vaginal thrush or bacterial infection.

Avoid string thongs: the skin is overly irritated and there is a risk of bacteria entering the vagina from the gut.

Avoid over-fitting garments such as jeans, nylon tights or other tight-fitting clothing.

Change your underwear daily and wash at least at 60 °C.

Do not use washcloths for intimate hygiene - if so, then only once! Ideal are disposable washcloths.

After stool, clean the anus with soft toilet paper from the front to the back.

Dry the vaginal or intimate area after bathing or showering always carefully.

Before going swimming grease the intimate area at home well to prevent infections and fungal infection.

After swimming, change the wet swimsuit.

After exercise, intercourse or heavy sweating, it makes sense to always cleanse and grease with a care ointment.


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