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Kloril®P Nail varnish

Help for brittle and split nails!

Kloril®P Nagellack cares for and strengthens your stressed nails. The medical nail polish remineralises toenails and fingernails and strengthens the nail structure.

Washing up, cleaning, typing, gardening - our fingernails in particular have to withstand a lot every day. It's no wonder that they crack, split or break off completely when subjected to too much stress. The main causes of brittle nails include overuse, incorrect nail care and lack of nutrients. Kloril P is a medical nail polish with patented polish technology. Thanks to the unique combination of hydroxypropyl chitosan (HPCH), silicic acid (silicon) and sulphur (MSM), Kloril P nail polish remineralises and strengthens damaged nails within a few weeks and rebuilds them.

Kloril®P Nagellack gives your nails back their natural strength and elasticity, strengthens and mineralises them.

The unique combination of three active ingredients transports these nutrients deep into the nail plate to strengthen the nails from the inside.

The medical product Kloril®P nail varnish can help quickly and specifically in such cases, because it

  • strengthens brittle fingernails and toenails
  • supports healthy nail growth
  • improves the appearance of the nails
  • mineralises nails specifically from the inside

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