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The ovaries no longer produce hormones. This lack of oestrogen brings physical changes and carries risks.

What happens during the menopause?

The production of the hormone oestrogen in the ovaries is reduced until ovulation no longer occurs. Without ovulation, the production of the hormone progesterone also decreases. This hormone prepares the uterine lining for pregnancy. The lower progesterone level during the menopause often leads to heavier menstrual bleeding and shorter cycles. The lower oestrogen levels cause symptoms such as tightness in the breasts and dry mucous membranes. In addition, sleep disturbances, irritability, iron deficiency, loss of bone density (because calcium is less easily stored in the bones) and weight gain are also signs of the menopause.

What happens after the last menstrual period?

The ovaries no longer produce hormones, only the fatty tissue still produces some oestrogen. This oestrogen deficiency brings about physical changes and carries risks such as osteoporosis, increased cardiovascular risk, changes in the skin and mucous membranes.

What is osteoporosis?

Oestrogen controls the absorption of calcium into the bones. Due to the lack of oestrogen after the menopause, bone density decreases, bones lose stability and fractures occur more often.
Therefore, the intake of calcium, vitamin D3 and K2 is particularly important.

Andreabal has a product in its range that covers these needs.

The product AndreaDHA plus
What is AndreaDHAŽ plus and how does it work?

AndreaDHAŽ plus is a food supplement with omega-3 fatty acid (DHA), vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.

AndreaDHAŽ plus is vegan!

DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) is a vital, polyunsaturated fatty acid that is an important building block of cells, especially of the brain and nerve cells and in the retina of the eyes. The omega-3 fatty acid DHA also contributes to normal heart function.

Vitamin D3 promotes calcium absorption and thus contributes to optimal bone health (strong bones) and high bone density.
Vitamin K2 is involved in the transport of calcium. Vitamin K2 activates proteins (gamma-carboxylglutamic acid) in the body that are important for the transport of calcium. These proteins help to bind calcium in the bones and prevent or reduce calcium deposits in the arteries.

Why do menopausal women need extra nutrients?

In our modern diet, calorie-reduced, low-fat foods are often preferred. Vitamin D and vitamin K are fat-soluble vitamins. They are found in high-fat foods such as oils, milk, butter, eggs, nuts, fish and meat.
Since the lack of oestrogen after the menopause decreases bone density and bones lose stability, it is especially important to get enough vitamin D3 and K2. Vitamin D3 promotes the absorption of calcium from food and drinking water, which is sufficiently present there, and vitamin K2 controls the incorporation of calcium into the bones and teeth.

How often is AndreaDHA plus used?

Take 1 capsule daily with plenty of liquid. Since the ingredients are fat-soluble, it is advantageous to take the capsule with fatty foods (e.g. salad dressing containing oil). This way, the valuable substances are optimally absorbed by the body.

What ingredients does AndreaDHA plus contain?
Nutritional information

Nutritional information Per capsule (daily ration) % NRV [1]
Docosahexaenoic acid 200 mg
Vitamin D3 20 μg (=800 IE) 400%
Vitamin K2 200 μg 265%

(1) Nutritional Reference Value
Percentage of the recommended daily dose

Ingredients AndreaDHA plus:

Algae oil (oil from the microalgae Schizochytrium sp., sunflower oil, rosemary extract aroma, antioxidants: extracts contain lots of tocopherol, fatty acid ester of the ascorbic acid), capsule shell (humectant glycerine, modified corn starch, thickening agent carrageen, water, dye iron oxides and iron hydroxides, acidity regulator sodium carbonate), Vitamin K2 (refined sunflower oil, menaquinone, dl-alpha-tocopherol acetate), Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol from lichen, antioxidant alpha- tocopherol).


Dietary supplement that supplies omega-3 fatty acid DHA, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 from a purely plant-derived source.

  • vegan!
  • without lactose
  • without gluten
  • without gelatine


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