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    Nutrition and vitamins during pregnancy

    Almost every pregnant woman receives countless pieces of advice: "You have to eat for two now, sushi is taboo for pregnant women".

    In our free guide, you can find out what you really need to look out for and which foods and nutrients support your baby's health.

    Pregnancy guide (Download)
    1. The 7 most important nutrients during pregnancy
    2. Nutrition during pregnancy
    3. What else you can find out in the "Pregnancy" guide:

    1. The 7 most important nutrients during pregnancy

    From the 4th month of pregnancy, the body needs about 250 kilocalories more per day, towards the end of pregnancy it is about 500. However, the ingredients of the food are more important than the quantity. Food supplements can be used to support a balanced diet in a targeted way, and an undersupply can be avoided.

    The most important nutrients during pregnancy are:

    • Folic acid: essential for the nervous system. An undersupply can lead to neural tube defects.
    • Vitamin D3: supports bone formation and the immune system.
    • Vitamin K2: influences the formation of bones and the jaw.
    • Iron: enables blood formation.
    • Iodine: is important for the formation of the thyroid hormone.
    • Omega-3 fatty acids: essential as a building block of brain and nerve cells and the retina of the eyes.
    • Calcium: essential for building cooking and teeth.
    You can find detailed information on which foods contain these nutrients and nutritional recommendations in our free pregnancy guide.

    2. Nutrition during pregnancy

    What can you still eat during pregnancy and what should pregnant women not eat? Some foods support the health of mother and child during pregnancy, others should be avoided.

    Foods you should avoid during pregnancy

    • Alcohol
    • Drinks containing caffeine
    • Raw milk and cheese made from raw milk
    • Feta cheese, cheese with blue mould, e.g. Gorgonzola
    • Raw meat and raw sausages, e.g. tartar, salami, raw ham, sushi)
    • Dishes with raw eggs (tiramisu)

    Foods recommended during pregnancy

    • Vegetables and fruits, which they should always wash thoroughly
    • Wholemeal products and pulses
    • Foods containing iron (meat, eggs, nuts, cabbage stems)
    • Milk and dairy products
    • Fatty fish (omega-3 fatty acids)
    • Iodised table salt
    In our free guide you will find a detailed diet plan with a list of recommended and "forbidden" foods.

    3. What else you can find out in the "Pregnancy" guide:

    • Why the biggest risks for pregnant women are cat faeces, cigarettes and medicines.
    • How to stay fit during pregnancy.
    • How to prepare for the birth and what role the man plays.
    • Tips from the expert: What gynaecologist Lea Köchli recommends.
    • What you can do against stretch marks.
    • Which products & nutritional supplements accompany you through a healthy pregnancy.
    • Table with the nutritional requirements of pregnant and breastfeeding women.

    Pregnancy guide (Download)

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